HELLO! This is the first newsletter from my Illustrated World; a thing I have been meaning to do for quite a good while. This first newsletter is slightly longer as I have summed up all the exciting things that have happened since New Year, but usually it will just be about the preceding month’s activities. It is the place to find all my up to … Continue reading JUNE NEWSLETTER 2019

New Year, New Pens, New Paint, Same Plans!

Happy New Year to you all. I love New Year, it heralds a fresh vista, unfettered by Christmas. I do loved being fettered by Christmas, but it becomes so intense in a making, selling and celebrating way that it is nice to pop out the other side feeling free to walk a different path. Or in the case of this year, the same one. For … Continue reading New Year, New Pens, New Paint, Same Plans!

Four Mightily Illustrated Books

I am actually in love with some of the books I own. They make me feel so great when I chance upon them that it is like falling in love with them all over again! On a visit to the attic yesterday evening, looking for something else, I happened upon a box of old and much loved books . Unfortunately my work room is the … Continue reading Four Mightily Illustrated Books

Business-like or Whimsical? Why not both?

Let me introduce you to a dead seal.  (But be rest assured, no animals were harmed in this post!) He is a whimsical artwork I painted on a stone and framed for sale in my online shops and at fairs. Other of my framed artworks have been bought to start lives in new homes but after being on my stall at two fairs and a … Continue reading Business-like or Whimsical? Why not both?

The joy of Spider Diagrams – all arachnophobes welcome.

I love spider diagrams. They help to clear my mind when there are so many things jostling about in the planning and sorting part of my brain. I sat in a cafe today doing one myself. I needed to work out which of my very varied artistic activities were the most important to commit my time to and which were tributaries or, even if I … Continue reading The joy of Spider Diagrams – all arachnophobes welcome.

The great art materials lottery; jackpot or ticket in the bin?

Good luck young Padawan. The force is strong in you, served your artist well. Ok, so this isn’t a post about Star Wars, but it definitely is about a star brush, now handing on the duties to a younger one. I’m actually quite sad as me and the paintbrush on the left have been together for nearly two years. Yes, two years! So many painted … Continue reading The great art materials lottery; jackpot or ticket in the bin?

Magical Illustrator, Warwick Hutton.

I’m not an expert on Warwick Hutton and his illustrations. In fact, and unbelievably, I have only just discovered him. But I can tell you that it is definitely a case of better late than never. I follow someone called Robjn Cantus on Instagram who posts images and information about all sorts of artists and places, very much in the sphere of things I am … Continue reading Magical Illustrator, Warwick Hutton.